Thursday, April 19, 2012

And now for something (not so) completely different

Most people would apologize for not updating their blog for weeks on end. You’ll get no such apology from me however. First of all, I have high doubts that I’ve significantly thrown off any of your daily routines. In fact I’d be willing to bet very few of you even noticed I was gone. This is sad, but not unforeseen.

Second of all (all in this case being two), I am currently planning a wedding, searching for a job and pretending I have already one at the Niagara Region. This means I am, and will be for the foreseeable future, rather busy. However, as a rare glimpse into my inward ponderings will now reveal, I really do hope this blog doesn’t become lost in the endless annals of blogs you randomly find on a Google search that look really interesting but haven’t been updated since 2007. For your sake and mine, I will do my best to continue my blogging habit.

And now, a picture of a habit:

Next on the agenda, assuming you haven’t run off in search of more pictures of habits and other thought-provokingly modest articles of clothing, is a departure from my normal operating procedure. The title of this blog is Kijunkers, the first three letters of which signify Kijiji. While I often enjoy scouring the endless pages of vehicles on the webernet looking for lost gems of glory, I have had repeated complaints from the voices in my head that this is a very geeky and unsatisfyingly disconnected way of doing things.

There are reasons why there are no online car shows (well, maybe there are, but for the purposes of my upcoming argument, which will be both cogent and romantically nostalgic, let’s pretend there aren’t). For one thing, baby-boomers don’t know how to use Google images. They also don’t know how to use chat rooms. Even if they did, I highly doubt the normal conversation that happens at a car show would translate well over the internet. Too much grunting, nodding and too many unsubstantiated stories that take place in the 60’s, a decade which everyone now knows never existed.

Point being, there’s something about experiencing a car in the metal that defies digitization. As much as I love sitting on my couch scrolling through Kijiji ads while my brain slowly migrates onto another plane of existence, I would much rather shuffle around a used-car lot with my hands in my pockets acting like a self-righteous know-it-all and complaining about how overpriced everything is.

What this all means is that from now on my posts will incorporate more real-life car sightings, with real photographic evidence from me, the next Ansel Adams. Aren’t you just so excited now? Well worry not; your jubilation shall not wain in wanting of the fulfillment of my promise. Visit back here every 20 minutes to see when I post the first of my innovative and never-done-before in-person Kijunkers post! Share! Tweet! Tell your mother! Drive up my pageview count!

“But wait”, I hear you along with the choir in my head saying. “You just went on and on about experiencing cars in person, and yet your posts are still going to be on the internet.” To that I say, good point. Until, that is, Internet 2: the sequel (yes, it is a real thing, look it up) comes out. Then you’ll be able to pair Kijunkers with your Google-goggles (they’re real too) to get the full used-car experience.
Rock on.


Brad said...

Looking forward to where you go with the new ideas.

Justin Letourneau said...

I've missed reading your blog.

Tom said...

Only at a real live car show can you walk up to a 1962 Triumph that everyone else is salivating over and hear your great uncle say, "That's not a real car. If you want a real car, you should see the one that me and boys rebuilt in the one they ever built!"