Tuesday, January 31, 2012

1950-something Studebaker Transtar

I'll just leave this here:
Old studebaker, TO PART OUT ONLY. has some good parts. Don't  really know what year it is.  in the 50's anyway.  frame and good axel I think.
<>A guy started to do a special customize, then stopped.  Has no drive train or nothing. The frame has been blasted.   Doors are good, roof , hood, fenders,  maybe some inside cab stuff but no dash or seats. The box and hydraulic thing has to be worth something.  I wanna get this thing out of here.  Scrap must be worth something.  BEST OFFER.  Niagara Area.
905 6880064  leave message.

I love true  kijunkers like this, and the attempted customization makes it even more intriguing. Whoever 'some guy' is, he had a vision. It was an ugly vision, but I commend him for his creativity.

I commend also the seller, who has taken much care to carefully craft his detailed and descriptive ad. The ad is titled 'ok', which tells me so much about the truck and its condition. I'll give him credit, it is a 50's Studebaker: a 1957 Transtar by my estimation.

The truck is somewhere around where I live, which means I may or may not be diverting my attention from the road while driving in order to catch a glimpse of it.

Fixer-upper. Full ad

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