Wednesday, February 1, 2012

1994 Ford Mustang SVO

I've had a few requests from people to post some nice Mustangs for sale in the area. I have thus far refrained from doing so, for the simple reason that there's no point. You don't need to search for old Mustangs; all you have to do is ask any man over the age of 35 and he'll be able to refer you to at least five or six '67 fastbacks. Besides, Mustangs, on account of their annoying ubiquity, simply aren't interesting enough to post.

But to appease you all, I will bow in submission and post a Mustang, albeit it's one you probably haven't heard of. It's not your typical big engine, glossy paint garage queen that inhabits four of every five spaces at your local car show. It's not from the boomer era and it doesn't have a V8; it doesn't even have a V6.

I present to you, in all of it's mid-90's glory, this 1994 Ford Mustang SVO.

Like I said, this is not the typical rip-roaringly loud Mustang that bald men in the 50's fawn over in mall parking lots. The SVO was the range-topping Mustang from 1984-86 and contrary to the Mustang's current trend of hosting big V8 power, the SVO housed a turbocharged 2.3L inline four-cylinder powerplant that sent 175hp to the rear wheels.

The car was the first product of Ford's new Special Vehicle Operations department, instituted to find new ways to sportify Ford after the 70's oil crisis. the SVO was marketed as a new, lithe, and more efficient Mustang. It never really caught on, and as a result, no one knows about them. They're rare to find, so happening on a nice clean one like the one listed here is something to raise an eyebrow about.

The car is starting to gain more traction in the public mind now as rumours circulate about Ford introducing a new turbo-four 'Stang in 2013.

For $8,900, the asking price is a little high, but if you're looking for a Mustang that will stand out from the slew of boomer-mobiles that define the iconic pony car, you'd be hard-pressed to do better.

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Pam Raynor said...

I like the pony cars! Preferably in red... but that could be the horseback rider in me!

Maggie Jakubiak said...

The Ford Mustang was the first car I ever drove. It was quite an experience, due to the lack of power steering!