Thursday, February 23, 2012

1994 Subaru SVX

I do not often enjoy my morning commute. Spending 45 minutes in a rattly old Accord with no heat, listening to Matt Galloway's scratchy voice on the CBC does little to rouse me from the near-comatose state my mind find so comfortable.

The coffee cups that little the desks of my classmates when I get to class bely the fact that I'm not the only one who shares this experience. I, however, have no coffee to perk me up in the morning; I'm too cheap to stop at Tims and too unmotivated to make some myself.

My morning wake-up comes not from caffeine, but rather from a quirky little coupe that passes me on Highway 58 almost every morning. Call me pathetic, but seeing a mostly forgotten '90's GT coupe makes me smile when few other things could.

I'll wager a cup of coffee, and maybe even a donut, that none of you have heard of the Subaru SVX, despite its magnificence. Introduced to North America in 1991, the SVX featured all-wheel-drive, a 3.3 L boxer 6, and its most defining feature, what Subaru called an "aircraft-inspired glass-to-glass canopy".

The sleek Guigaro-designed looks and the freakazoid windows did little to soothe the SVX's high sticker price of $24-28,000 however, and demand for Subaru's GT coupe never got close to its sales targets. As a result, these coolmobiles are fairly hard to find, which makes me all the more attracted to them. I wouldn't buy this one myself, as it looks pretty rough, but were a nice clean one to wend its way into my life, I wouldn't complain.

Those windows must a pain to clean though. Yeesh.

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(Shout-out to the guy who drives a dark green SVX out of Welland every morning. For those who are currently rocking, We (I) salute you.)

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Anonymous said...

They sure do rock. Commute can be a bit boring, you're too tired for scandinavian flicks and highway is a drag anyway (low drag coefficient doesn't help there). But yes, very comfortable, gets you out of a pinch and when the sun is up at 6am, so is the roof and the windows (the canopy design ensures very little wind noise and air is directed away from the opening).