Saturday, February 11, 2012

1962 Chevrolet Apache?

Maybe all you truck guys out there can help me out on this one. What I've found is described by the seller as a '62 Chevy Apache Panel truck. The ad claims that only 1,100 of these trucks were made, with 700 going to the military and only 400 being sold to the public.

I did a bit of internet sleuthing, which uncovered precious little. I found information on the '55-'59 Apaches, which I knew of, but no mention of these things. I found one other for sale in Medicine Hat, Alberta in pretty rough shape:

If what the seller claims is true, this is an extremely rare and Earth-shatteringly cool vehicle. The Medicine Hat car confirms the engine specs in the ad; it houses a 235cid unit and what looks to be a living room in the back:

If anyone has any information on these guys or can corroborate the claims made in the ad, please share! It's for sale right now in Fort Erie, and I'm thinking of emailing the guy to ask for more info.

Enigma. Full ad


K.C. Hensler said...

Being in Fort Erie, I seriously contemplated this for a good ten seconds...and then realized why I am broke...I contemplate then buy too many things...this one would be unique though!

Agathe Rwankuba said...

I like inside the car.

Anonymous said...

Well this very rare truck has a 1961 griil and hood so much for being RARE its a PARTS TRUCK