Tuesday, February 14, 2012

1966 Chevy C-Series Pickup

This post is dedicated to my beautiful fiancee Katie, without whom I would never have thought to make a Valentine's day blog post about cars (nor would, I imagine, most normal people).

Old pickup trucks have something of an allure for both of us. Katie's love of country music has spread, without resistance, to me, and as I listen to it more and more, the idea of charging through country roads on warm summer nights, listening to the growl of an old pickup and wearing slightly ridiculous hats is becoming more and more agreeable to me.

So when I happen upon something like this, your quintessential country music video star, it makes me think of her and smile. We both love long road trips, and I truly do value the time we get to spend together doing something we both love: driving. As we're set to be married in barely three months, I look forward to many more road trips and many more country music songs with the girl I love, even if it's not in a vehicle as iconic as this. <3

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