Friday, February 24, 2012

1969 MG Midget

Kid's way too young to handle
that kind of power.
Remember how much fun you had as a kid 'driving' around in your Little Tikes Cozy Coupe spitting motor noises and brake screeches? Neither do I. Remember doing the same thing as an adult? Don't bother denying it; we both know what it's like barreling down a grassy hill, legs sticking out the windows and neck bent in unnatural ways.

Now you can relive that same experience in a much less embarrassing way with this '69 MG Midget. This shining 'black beauty', as the seller describes it, resides in St. Catharines and is ready to be swept off it's tires (seriously, you can probably just pick it up and squeeze it into your jeans pocket) for only $4,900, which, in my opinion, is a steal.

Now, I'm no stranger to small cars. I've lived with a small, cramped sports car for four years now, and can honestly say that I've never had any trouble doing what needs to be done with my '90 Miata. No, you can't take the kitchen sink with you wherever you go, and no, you can't shuttle multiple friends around in it, but hey, that doesn't always have to be a bad thing. Plus, I have, against all odds, figured out a safe and secure* way of transporting two sets of golf clubs with nothing more than a few bungie cords and a little bit of ingenuity.

However, even coming from a Miata, this is a certifiably small car. I dare say anyone over three foot will have a most troublesome time stepping into one while retaining his or her dignity, and there is approximately a 0% chance of exiting the vehicle without necessitating a trip to the physiotherapist. You'll also look like a dork driving it. All people will see will be what appears to be a human head poking out of a child's shoe zipping down the road.

I would suspect some of you have seen, or heard of, the MGB. Picture one of those scaled down to 75%, and what you have is the Midget. Originally based off of the Austin Healy Sprite (of frog-eye fame), the Midget was built and sold from 1961-1980, and was powered by a variety of powerplants, all of which could be deftly out-powered by a Magic Bullet.

But man, what I wouldn't do for the chance to drive that car. The seller describes it as a go-kart, and coming from a Miata, I know exactly what he means. There are few pleasures in life that can compare to the child-like elatedness that comes from tossing around a tiny, nimble roadster. It's a very freeing feeling, and I would commend anyone who's feeling the burdens of daily life weighing down on them like a wet anvil to go out, buy a roadster and rip it through some country roads for a few hours.

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Lexx. EE said...

IT'S SO LITTLE :D It's like the original smartcar!

I remember having that awful plastic car... or at least my neighbor did.

And I also remember being about 12 and deciding to try to fit in it again... it was quite hilarious, despite the pain and discomfort.

Great post!

Nora said...

Thanks for making me want to ride around the living room in a little plastic car.

Katzendame said...

Can you not see me booting around in this tiny beautiful thing?? It's amazing!

Ok, so now all i need is money... who wants to donate? I'll give you a lift to school...

Lesley Ann Nutt said...

This s the favorite car for my 5'10" sister. I had a boyfriend when I was still a teenager who had a green one of these cars. He was 6'. What is it about tall guys and little cars? I loved booting around in that car with him.